BMF Choro Collective 2015

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The Brazilian Music Foundation (BMF) Choro Collective is formed by the best musicians, composers and arrangers in choro music today. The BMF basic choro ensemble instruments include acoustic guitar, flute, saxophone and the pandeiro, a typically known percussion instrument from Brazil. The group features the school teachers and during some exclusive presentations invites special guests to the concerts, becoming a small orchestra, with more musicians playing instruments like piano, cavaquinho, the 7 string acoustic guitar, clarinet, among others.



2016 Choro Collective Band featuring:

Jorge Continentino – Flute/Sax
Vitor Goncalves – Accordion/Pianist
Laura Dreyer – Flute/Sax
Wesley Amorim – Seven string Guitar/Cavaquinho
Grant Ziolkowski – Mandolin
Luiz Ebert – Pandeiro
Georgios Tolis-Guitar
Vanessa Falabella – Vocal


2015 Choro Collective Band featuring:

Jorge Continentino- Fute & Sax
Laura Dreyer – Flute & Sax
Sergio Krakowski –  Pandeiro
Billy Newman – Six string guitar