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November 19 , 2015


Fee : $ 45

Time: 7 to 9 PM

Location: Contact us

 Instructor: Laura Dreyer


For intermediate and advanced players.

It is recommended that you bring your instrument for practicing.

Workshop details: 

Understanding rhythmic syncopation and how syncopation is used in Brazilian music, as well as how to apply these principles to melodic interpretation.You will learn a variety of rhythmic patterns that are used in samba, bossa nova and baião, and explore ways to practice these patterns on scales, patterns, and modes, and chord changes. Other topics include how to understand and read in the 2/4 time signature, beat placement, and melodic embellishments. These exercises will be especially helpful to melodic instruments, who generally don’t practice rhythmic patterns the same way that rhythm section musicians do!

Topic Include:

Explanation of syncopation

How to read 2/4 time

Different ways to syncopate melodies

Basic Samba pattern

Practicing on one note

Practicing on scales

Practicing on scale patterns and arpeggios

Applying variations

Explanation of Bossa Nova

 How to apply syncopation to create a Bossa Nova melody


Applying a syncopated rhythm to simple harmony in Bossa Nova

1 bar pattern, 2 bar pattern, extending the pattern

Beat placement

Choro and embellishments – 16th notes.

Baião and mixolydian scales

Improvising on basic baião pattern

Practicing on Brazilian songs – ideas and variations

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