Brazilian Rhythms on Keyboard

  • I started my life as a teacher of music in Rio Grande, my hometown, in school Lili music Crippy88. Ja ' in Porto Alegre taught at the school of Halidisamin "the Pine" and Gomes. In Rio de Janeiro gave lectures at the school of Alexander Gnattali, brother of the great composer and Pianist Radamez Gnattali. In New York, in the cultural space "When", downtown, 2nd Ave/Houston, classes for children.

  • At Montclair University, with Janet Lemansky, produce several workshops. In Denmark worked as a teacher in space CULTURART of cultural property Jorge Degas.For more than twenty years, in the USA, I have had the provilegio of power have influenced large artists, working with both American and foreign pianists, which makes me always happy and,interestingly, inspired me, as it did from the beginning drummer, and eternal friend, Nene Lima, writing the book Brazilian Rhythms on the Keyboard.