“The Next Generation of Brazilian Pianists”

Brazilian Classical Music and Piano Master Classes Program 

BMFSOM (BMF School of Music)

The Brazilian Music Foundation (BMF) has a long history of sponsoring projects to help disadvantaged children in Brazil through the program “The Future of Our Children” created in 2015 by Madalena Sousa, the  Founder/CEO, and president of BMF.  In addition to that she also created the “BMFSOM” (BMF School of music ) to teach Brazilian music, its rhythms and styles  in the City of New York City. 

Max Barros, vice-president and artistic director of BMF, together with Madalena Sousa, are now creating a new program dedicated to helping young pianists in Brazil.

“Music talent in Brazil is abundant, but many young musicians do not have access to the resources and opportunities they need to develop their talents and pursue careers in classical music. For that reason we are creating possibilities for these young musicians to learn and succeed in life through music education”, says Max Barros.

The program will provide full scholarships to nurture and develop the talents of young low-income Brazilian pianists, and to provide them with the skills, support, and opportunities they need to succeed in the competitive world of classical music. By offering high-quality piano instruction, master classes, performance opportunities, travel expenses and mentorship, we aim to inspire and empower our students to reach their full potential as musicians and artists.


Max Barros, piano (Bio)
Christine Larson, english (Bio)
Sonia Rubinsky, piano master class (Bio)
Sylvia Theresa, piano master class (Bio)
Clelia Iruzun, piano master class (Bio)
Christina Margotto, piano master class (Bio)

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  • Piano Instruction: Participants will receive private piano lessons and participate in master classes from experienced  teachers, who will work with them to refine their technique and musical expression. A hybrid format of online and onsite lessons will be offered for nine months a year.

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English Lessons

  • Participants will receive weekly English lessons online to facilitate their networking and prepare for career opportunities in a globalized market.

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Performance Opportunities

  • BMF will help participants with opportunities to perform, including recitals, concerts, competitions and master classes. These events will help participants build their confidence and develop their stage presence.

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Music Theory and History

  •  Participants will receive lessons in music theory and history, which will deepen their understanding of the classical music repertoire and help them become more well-rounded musicians.

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Mentorship and Guidance

  • Participants will have access to mentors and guidance from experienced musicians, who will provide them with advice and support as they navigate the professional music world.

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Networking and Career Development

  • Participants will have opportunities to meet and network with other musicians, music educators, and industry professionals, which will help them build relationships and explore career opportunities.

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Support the program!

Become a sponsor! 

Your help will make a huge difference in the lives of many talented young  musicians in Brazil.  By becoming a sponsor you can monitor the classes and see the progress of each student by attending the classes or watching the videos online. 

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Each student will be honored with a $7,000 dollars scholarship , which includes, classes, transportation, meals, and performances in Brazil.

For performances in the US and other countries there will be another type of sponsorship to cover the expenses for each student.