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  • Drum for Beginners

    Prerequisites: none – designed for absolute beginners

    Course Detail:

    • Explanation of music notation and note values.
    • Basic rudiments pertinent to Brazilian rhythms.
    • Reading 16th note subdivision.
    • Coordination exercises.
    • Overview of percussion instruments influences on drum set.
    • How to play samba, bossa nova, choro and baião.
    • Audio and Video analyses


  • Drum for Intermediate

    Prerequisites:  basic instrumental technique, rudimentary reading skills, some performance experience.

    Course detail:

    • Improve 16th notes reading skills
    • Reading charts
    • Exploring different samba snare patterns
    • How to play samba variations: samba funk, partido alto, samba de gafieira and ohers
    • Improvement of hand technique (speed)
    • Exploring northeastern rhythms: baião, xote, xaxado, côco, maracatu and others
    • Bossa Nova brush work
    • Introduction to improvisation
    • Audio play along
    • Audio and Video analyses

  • Drum for Advanced

    Prerequisites: good instrumental technique, solid reading skills, extensive performance experience.

    Course detail:

    • Reading skills.
    • Advance drum rudiments.
    • Improvement of independence in Brazilian music. (orchestration around the drums).
    • Application rhythms combinations.
    • Application of odd meters in Brazilian rhythms.
    • Improvement of hand technique (speed + accentuation on hi-hat and ride cymbal).
    • Using percussion instruments together with drum set.
    • Transcription of drum parts.
    • Emphasize improvisation using Brazilian vocabulary.
    • Rehearsal techniques.
    • Audio play along.
    • Audio and Video analyses.

    Private class – All Levels

  • Class Schedule and fees


    Course detail:

    Sessions:10 weekly program – One hour sessions

    Age: 11 and older

    Class Size -Limited to 5 students per class, max of 10

    Instructor: Adriano Santos

    Fees: $ 350.00 – material included

    Class Schedule : Contact us for more information

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