On December 4, 2014 the Brazilian Music Foundation presented it’s first concert about Brazilian Music Rhythms and Styles. This summer we will present “The History of Choro (Cry)”.

Those who appreciate the genuine sound of Brazilian instrumental music will have the opportunity, from August 7 to 12, 2015 to enjoy the First International Choro Festival in the City of New York.

The festival will be held on different dates and venues., see bands lineup below.

Our goal is to bring together local musicians with fellow musicians from Brazil in presenting traditional Choro and authorial songs.



FRIDAY AUGUST 7 :2015 : 7:30 – 9:30PM

Opening Benefit Concert

Featuring: BMF Choro Collective and Group Choro das 3 


Cary Hall

450 West 37th Street – Btwn: 9th & 10th Ave. – NYC

Price: $ 25 in advance – $ 30 at the door –  for the night ( two performances)

(All proceeds will go to BMF.ORG)


Parking available for $ 20 flat fee ( after 5 PM for 10 hrs

*** You need to bring your receipt to Dimenna Center to stamp***

Access 37 Parking LLC  – 404 West 37th Street

Tickets for Opening Concert

BMF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Fundraiser for the Brazilian Music Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting

Brazilian culture and music via educational and performance programs. 




BMF Choro Collective

Laura Dreyer (flute & sax), Jorge Continentino(Sax), Billy Newman (six string guitar), and Sergio Krakowski(pandeiro), &

Group Choro das 3

Corina (flute), Lia (acoustic guitar & seven chords), Elisa (bandolin, clarinet & banjo) and Eduardo (pandeiro)



6:30PM – DROM

Choro Down Neck

Jessica Valiente (flute & piccolo), Maggie Faulkner (bandolin & violin), Rick Faulkner (trombone), Ivan Max(acoustic guitar), Pete Abazia (pandeiro)

Tickets $ 10 by 8/10, $ 15 after

DROM: 85 Ave A (btwn: 5th and 6th St) – Manhattan

Tickets for Choro Down Neck


7:30PM – DROM

Billy Newman Acoustic Quartet

Billy Newman (6 string guitar), Felicia de Sanctis (seven string guitar) Tom Armstrong (Pandeiro) & Dominique Gagne (flute)

Tickets $ 10 by 8/10, $ 15 after

DROM: 85 Ave A (btwn: 5th and 6th St) – Manhattan

Tickets for Billy Newman Quartet



Brazilian Music Foundation. Org, Inc., (BMF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to education, research, promotion, preservation and advancement of Brazilian music in the United States, Brazil and other countries. The foundation was created in May 2013 by Madalena Sousa, business administrator and producer of Asuos Productions and Luiz Simas, Pianist/Composer.

We realize how music education can change and enhance people’s lives, by helping children off the streets in Brazil and other countries. Our philosophy is that music can improve the quality of life of the individuals and families leading to a happier and healthier society. We will support programs that use music to enable every child to feel like an asset within her or his community. Playing a musical instrument has many benefits: it can bring joy to you and to everyone around you.

The Foundation will promote, develop, educate the public about the Brazilian music, and produce cultural events, which will unify and support the Brazilian musicians living in New York City.

BMF is socially committed to removing children off the streets, help them being socially responsible , and given them the opportunity for a better life through music.

Your participation will make a difference!
Thank You!


The word choro in Portuguese literally means “to cry,” which seems like an ironic name for music that is often so joyous and celebratory. Actually the term refers to the lilting or “weeping” qualities of the solo instrument, usually a flute or clarinet (Think of the way Benny Goodman could “wail”).

Choro music is roots jazz from Brazil, and considered Brazil’s first “urban pop” music. In this unique show you will experience a wide range of pieces by many of Brazil’s important 20th century composers, including Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Paulinho da Viola, Orlando Silveira, and many more.

The First International Choro Festival in NYC aims to preserve and share the Choro (Crying), considered one of the oldest gender and rich instrumental music from Brazil. This style of music has been presented since the nineteenth century in all regions of the country.

These days, Choro is enjoying a renaissance not only in Brazil but around the world, and the wave of enthusiasm has definitely reached New York City, where the BMF is proud to host the First International Choro Festival.

The event will also mark the inauguration of a series of festivals in New York City.

Group Choro das 3 – Aquarela do Brasil


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