Our mission is to changes lives through music education!

BMF is committed to help organizations remove children off the streets, help them being socially responsible, and give the opportunity for a better life through music. We will support music educational projects in New York and surrounding areas, as well as projects being developed in Brazil such as “ Orquestrando a Vida”, and in other countries.

Our philosophy is that music can improve the quality of life of individuals and families leading to a happier and healthier society. We will support programs that use music to enable each child to feel like an asset within her or his community. Playing a musical instrument has many benefits: it can bring joy to oneself and to everyone around you.


“Orquestrando a Vida – Orquestrating  Life”

The “Orchestrating Life” is a non-governmental organization founded 20 years ago in Campos dos Goytacazes-RJ, Brazil.The programs are designed to reduce the local communities dropout rate by assisting youth in connecting with their own passion and purpose in life. Orchestrating Life is one example of how we can help kids through the music. For almost 20 years they are changing lives through music in Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ.

The internationally recognized method “El Sistema” of the Venezuelan NGO for children, system was used for the first time by the Brazilian State Foundation for the youth orchestras. One of the advantages of this system is of seceding from the rigid European paradigm and introducing a technique that stimulated and excited the students.

Currently “Orchestrating Life” is structured into 30 reef, five symphony orchestras and two symphonic bands, comprised of 1,180 children and adolescents. The most important among them is the Young Symphony Orchestra Mariuccia Iacovino, consisting of 80 musicians who performed in Bolivia, Colombia, Portugal, Spain and the United States. The highlight of their tour was a performance in 2011 at Carnegie Hall, one of the most sought after venues in New York City.

Music changes life!

“The experience was very good in every way, especially for the young musicians, who have come to believe more in their lives.

The Young Symphony Orchestra is already an unprecedented innovation in Brazil and South America.

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