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In this workshop, you will learn creative and fun ways to practice Brazilian patterns and rhythms and haw to apply them to Brazilian Jazz standards.

Through the process of learning and practicing a series of basic and advanced syncopated Brazilian rhythms, participants will learn how to play Brazilian melodies and solos that are really in the Brazilian pocket. These exercises will help to develop rhythmic memory, as well as to emphasize the fundamental rhythms that comprise many different styles of Brazilian music and Brazilian jazz. You will learn how to compose improvised solos that use more rhythm with fewer notes, and how to think like a percussionist first, no matter what your main instrument is.

Take your musical Brazilian accent to the next level!

Styles covered will include choro, samba, baião, partido alto, afoxé, maracatu, and more!

It is recommended that you bring your instrument for practicingTopics covered

Explanation of syncopation
How to read in the 2/4 time signature
Introduction to basic Brazilian percussion patterns
Basic 1 bar syncopated patterns
Basic 2 bar syncopated patterns
Accents and beat placement
Explanation of Brazilian styles
Practicing patterns on scales and modes
Practicing patterns on jazz cadences
Applying variations and development of ideas in an improvisational context
How to practice fundamental Brazilian rhythms over chord changes
Basic Brazilian Jazz repertoire
Exploration of stylistic characteristics
Using Brazilian patterns to build jazz solos
Application of more complex Brazilian rhythms
How to practice to increase rhythmic memory
Interacting with the Brazilian jazz rhythm section
Using Brazilian patterns on other jazz styles

Date: Spring & Fall

Fee: Call for information

Location: BMF Rehearsal Studios/Manhattan

Instructor: Laura Dreyer


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