“The BMFSOM is committed to offer the best Brazilian Music teaching programs that includes teachers who are internationally recognized , performing artists, composers, scholars, and master teaching”


About the school

The school was created under the umbrella of the Brazilian Music Foundation,  and it will engage, nationally and internationally, in music exchange by creating programs and opportunities for those who want to learn Brazilian Music and develop their skills. BMFSOM will serve the community as music educator through music programs activities that will create quality life and to preserve the high level of the Brazilian Music


Our goal is to create a musical community that is rich with cultural, social and intellectual diversity. We support the development of Brazilian Music Programs with other Organizations and provide platforms to implement the education of Brazilian Music in America and Brazil.

Learn how to sing and play your favorite instrument, improve your knowledge or advance your skills!
Our teachers are professional musicians with many years of experience in teaching Brazilian music!

Learn Brazilian Rhythms :Samba, Bossa Nova, Chorinho, Baiao, Partido Alto, Afoxe, Toada, and more!

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