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NEW YORK, NY (May, 3 2016)

Brazilian Music Foundation (BMF) – 3 Years Anniversary – May 3rd, 2016

BMF 3 years aniversary

It is with great pleasure that Brazilian Music Foundation celebrates 3 Years Anniversary on May 3rd 2016. The Foundation, as a non- profit organization, is committed to Culture and Human rights and systematically addresses the importance of the relationship between culture, citizenship and sustainability. Over the past three years we were able to develop our program and promote Brazilian Music in America, with cooperation from so many talented people and we want to express our thank to all of them .


BMFSOM’s – The Foundation´s Music School was launched in December 2014, where we offer:


  • 10 Instrumental and vocal classes being offered in the city of New York.

  • Programs and Workshops for Universities and Music Schools – launched in 2015

    • Topics:

      • History of Brazilian Music

      • Singing in Portuguese

      • Rhythms & Patterns Workshop: for Jazz Musician

      • Rhythms & Composition Workshop

      • Master Classes – Drum set & Percussion

      • Brazilian Drumming

      • Pandeiro without frontier – Beginner to advance

      • Brazilian Snare Drum Patterns

      • Maracatu

      • Afoxé

      • Programs for Kids and Teenagers to teach the young generation

      • Coco for Kids

      • Percussion for Kids

  • Festivals: International Choro Festival launched in 2015

A little bit of our history:

Mada6BMF was created in May 2013 by Madalena Sousa, business administrator, event producer and president for Asuos Productions Inc. Mrs. Sousa realized that there was a need to promote, develop, educate the public and to produce cultural events that would unify Brazilian music lovers, students and teachers in the USA, especially in the city of New York where the Foundation was created.

The Foundation’s main purpose is to produce educational concerts, music festivals (popular, folkloric and classical), and programs that would strengthen the conscience and appreciation of Brazilian music and arts. BMF also believes that music education can change and enhance people’s lives by bringing classes to low-income community in the US and helping children stay off the streets in Brazil and other countries.

BMF’s Mission is to teach others about Brazilian music and instruments, along with strengthening the public awareness and appreciation for the country’s heritage.

The goal is to create a musical community that is rich with cultural social and intellectual diversity. We support the development of Brazilian music programs with other organizations and provide platforms to implement the education of Brazilian music in the United States and Brazil.

For the next years, we want to keep on expanding the horizon and bringing Brazilian Music to the world.

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