We will begin celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary on May 3, 2023 and we will have the

big celebration in 2024 when we complete BMF’s 10th year!

We have done a lot!
With your help and with the help of dedicated musicians from all over the world, who shared their art, helping to bring you the best of Brazilian music and culture, we managed to present many shows, workshops, concerts and festivals. We will continue to present the best of Brazilian music and also help children in Brazil through our program “The Future of Our Children”.


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Stay tuned for upcoming “live” and online events!

Stay tuned!

You can help children in Brazil !


By attending one of our concerts you will not only enjoy the best of Brazilian Music but you will also be helping many organizations to remove children off the streets, helping them being socially responsible, and giving them the opportunity for a better life through music. BMF supports music educational projects in New York and the surrounding area, as well as projects being developed in Brazil and in other countries.