We believe that music can improve the quality of life of individuals and their families, which promotes a happier and healthier society. We will create musical programs that will enable a child to feel like an asset to their respective community. Playing a musical instrument has many benefits, but most importantly, it can bring joy to you and everyone around you. We hope to promote the presence of Brazilian heritage in a city that is known for its rich cultural diversity.

Mission, Vision, and Goals

  • Overview

    • The Brazilian Music Foundation.Org, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion, preservation and advancement of Brazilian music in America, producing and presenting concerts, festivals and programs that strengthen awareness and appreciation for Brazilian music and Cultural Arts.
  • Mission

    • Our mission is to change lives through music education and create resources through music concerts, educational programs, and donations, to support organizations that remove children from the streets and teach music thus creating an opportunity for a better life. Through our educational concerts the foundation will also be disseminating Brazilian music, along with strengthening the public awareness and appreciation for the country’s heritage.
  • Vision

    • Foster creativity and break barriers of communication between the two countries. Advance Brazilian music through the cultivation of new works, artists, and audiences.
  • Goals

    • Our goal is to create bridges and opportunities for cultural exchange, integrate children and young musicians into Brazilian culture through music, and at the same time, establish financial stability to provide funds for the musical higher education of talented children living on the streets in Rio de Janeiro and many other cities in Brazil.