The word choro in Portuguese literally means “to cry,” which seems like an ironic name for music that is often so joyous and celebratory. Actually, the term refers to the lilting or “weeping” qualities of the solo instrument, usually a flute or clarinet (Think of the way Benny Goodman could “wail”).

Choro music is roots jazz from Brazil and considered Brazil’s first “urban pop” music. In this unique show, you will experience a wide range of pieces by many of Brazil’s important 20th-century composers, including Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Paulinho da Viola, Orlando Silveira, and much more.

The Choro Festival in NYC aims to preserve and share the Choro (Crying), considered one of the oldest gender and rich instrumental music from Brazil. This style of music has been presented since the nineteenth century in all regions of the country.

These days, Choro is enjoying a renaissance not only in Brazil but around the world, and the wave of enthusiasm has definitely reached New York City, where the BMF is proud to host the II International Choro Festival.

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