Brazilian Music Foundation (BMF), in partnership with Asuos Productions, will present the 2nd Annual International Choro Festival, with a variety of interesting performances. The Festival collaborators aim to involve different cultures and exchange artistic experiences between Brazil and the US.
The festival was first presented in August 2015, and it was a great success. Due to this positive reception, we will continue with an annual presentation. The event will provide the opportunity for everyone to learn about one of the oldest Brazilian musical styles, the Choro.
On November 5th – 7th, 2016, those who appreciate the genuine sound of Brazilian instrumental music will have the opportunity to enjoy the Second International Choro Festival in the City of New York.
The Festival aims to promote and preserve the “Choro” – the oldest Brazilian musical style and part of Brazil’s rich instrumental music tradition since the nineteenth century in all regions of the country. The festival brings together local and Brazilian musicians presenting traditional Choro and new compositions. Our goal is to bring together local musicians with fellow musicians from Brazil in presenting traditional Choro and authorial songs.
The festival will be part of the Latin Week. Since 2006, Pamar presents the annual Latin American Culture Week with the aim of bringing to the general public the richness and diversity of the various Latin American cultures. This series of events, independently produced by the participants, presents established and emerging artists in disciplines such as music, dance, visual arts, literature, theater and film.
Working with both area and international artists, PAMAR has fostered the development of cultural events, which include “Latin American Cultural Week” (LACW), Shall We Tango (SWT) NYC, a citywide international tango festival and “Celebracion de la Cultura Hispana in Washington Heights” and its educational program ” A Musical Journey Through Latin America.”


SATURDAY , NOVEMBER 5TH :2016: 7:30pm

Billy Newman Tickets

Hunter College – Lang Hall

450 West 37th Street – Btwn: 9th & 10th Ave. – NYC

Price: $ 25 early bird ( limit seating ) $ 35 and $45

(All proceeds will go to BMF.ORG)

BMF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Fundraiser for the Brazilian Music Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting

Brazilian culture and music via educational and performance programs.



Duo: Luiz Simas & Marilynn Mair

BMF Choro Collective Band:

Jorge Continentino – Flute/Sax
Vitor Goncalves – Accordion/Pianist
Laura Dreyer – Flute/Sax
Wesley Amorim – Seven string Guitar/Cavaquinho
Grant Ziolkowski – Mandolin
Luiz Ebert – Pandeiro
Georgios Tolis-Guitar

Special Guest: Vanessa Falabella-Vocal

Nora Spielman     Guitar
Andrew Latona Guitar
Alex Hamburger Flute and Voice
Claude Gilbert Cello
Angel Lau Pandeiro
Jason Wastor Tamborim
directed by João Luiz Rezende




The word choro in Portuguese literally means “to cry,” which seems like an ironic name for music that is often so joyous and celebratory. Actually the term refers to the lilting or “weeping” qualities of the solo instrument, usually a flute or clarinet (Think of the way Benny Goodman could “wail”).

Choro music is roots jazz from Brazil, and considered Brazil’s first “urban pop” music. In this unique show you will experience a wide range of pieces by many of Brazil’s important 20th century composers, including Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Paulinho da Viola, Orlando Silveira, and many more.

The Choro Festival in NYC aims to preserve and share the Choro (Crying), considered one of the oldest gender and rich instrumental music from Brazil. This style of music has been presented since the nineteenth century in all regions of the country.

These days, Choro is enjoying a renaissance not only in Brazil but around the world, and the wave of enthusiasm has definitely reached New York City, where the BMF is proud to host the First International Choro Festival.


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