Brazilian Music Foundation is proud to announce its

4th-Annual Choro Festival , to be held on:


Tuesday, November 6th , 2018 @ 8:00pm

Doors open @ 7:30pm

Tickets $ 35 (general admission) 


Opera Center America

Marc A. Scorca Hall – 330 Seventh Ave, 7th Floor

New York City, NY


Those who appreciate the genuine sound of Brazilian instrumental music will have the opportunity to enjoy the IV International Choro Festival in the City of New York. Brazilian Music Foundation (BMF), in partnership with Bossa Magazine, and Asuos Productions, will present the 4th Annual International Choro Festival, with a variety of interesting performances. The festival first occurred in August 2015, and it was a great success. Due to this positive reception,we will continue with an annual performance.The event will provide an opportunity for everyone to learn about one of the oldest Brazilian musical genres, Choro and Brazilian Jazz.

2018 marks the 100 years of Jacob Pick Bittencourt, the most influential composer and musician on modern Choro. His virtuosity on the Brazilian mandolin, the “bandolim”,  garnered him the nickname Jacob do Bandolim. Alongside his predecessors Pixinguinha and Ernesto Nazareth, he is still considered the greatest representative on his respective instrument. Jacob created a style of playing that was steeped in tradition but completely new and innovative. 

This exciting tribute to one of Brazil’s greatest Brazilian composers features creative arrangements by Alex Sobreira, ranging from the traditional to the experimental.In commemoration of the centennial of Jacob’s birth, Brazilian Music Foundation will explore Jacob’s legacy and influence.


100 Years




From Recife, Pernambuco/Brazil 

 Alex Sobreira/Musical Director/ Arrangements/7 String Guitar

Luiz Simas/Piano & Vocal

Wesley Amorim/Cavaquinho & 6 String Guitar

 Grant Ziolkowski – Mandolin 

Laura Dreyer – Flute/Sax

Everton Isidoro/Pandeiro


Production team

 Madalena Sousa/Executive Director

 Max Barros/Musical Director 

Mila Schiavo/International Marketing Director

Aparecida Teixeira/Marketing Assistant

Cristine Larson/Secretary


 About Jacob do Bandolim

Jacob do Bandolim (“Mandolin Jacob”) was one of the most influential Brazilian composers in the 20th century. He composed a style known as choro, Brazil’s most important popular instrumental music genre, often compared to early jazz in the United States. In the 1950s, Jacob do Bandolim led a choro revival that helped make the style a central symbol of Brazilian national identity. A serious and dedicated musician, he instilled a high degree of professionalism in the traditionally relaxed music –even if he was never a professional himself (he made a living as pharmacist, insurance salesman, street vendor, and finally notary public, to support himself while also working “full time” as a musician). Jacob began his long musical career by plucking his instrument with a hairpin, and very soon developed into the greatest mandolin virtuoso Brazil has ever known. He struggled to preserve the Brazilian roots, and fought to impose his artistic sincerity on the music industry. He left important compositions that were incorporated in the repertory of chorões. Jacob was able to achieve with his band Época de Ouro the highest level of quality. Jacob hated the stereotype of the “disheveled, drunk, folk musician” and required commitment and impeccable dress from his musicians who, like himself, all held “day jobs”.

His compositions virtually defined the choro style through the Thirties, Forties and Fifties, and he remains one of the most endearing figures in Brazilian music to this day.  

About Choro 

Brazilian Choro has roots jazz, and is considered Brazil’s first “urban pop” music. There are over 30 different types of rhythms in Brazilian Music. By presenting the diversity of our rhythms, we hope to encourage diverse musicians, music students, adults, and children to engage in creating music with a dynamic communicative style that is energetic, fun, creative, and very inspiring!


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We hope to see you there!