Learn essential skills for playing several percussion instruments most used on Brazilian music Rhythms! 
  • Introduction

    The percussion course offers students the familiarization with the great diversity of percussion instruments most used in Brazilian music, rhythms and styles, like Samba, Baião , Maracatu, Xote, Congada, Boi, Samba Schools (batucada) and rhythms from Bahia.

  • About the instruments

    There is a variety of instruments to be studied, such as PANDEIRO, TAMBORIM, SURDO , REBOLO, ATABAQUE , REPIQUE DE MAO, CAIXA, ALFAIA,CUICA, BERIMBAUS, TIMBAL, … Undefined and defined, direct and indirect execution times where origin, maintenance, tuning, and rating score, strokes, rhythms and improvisation are seen, giving emphasis to the student to develop their artistic potential and its stylistic versatility.

  • Objective

    Provide information to student to structure his musical knowledge as well as to develop their musical skills, using the techniques, exercises and measurements as result of the methodology of the course, so that the student has all the foundation to perform rhythms and instruments in various situations, with attention to typing and manulação instruments, speed variation in manulação, execution of rhythms, speed variation in the performance of rhythms and composition / theme creation , taken and intentions.

  • Class details

    Theory and Practice:

    With the right additions-theory, harmony, perception, history of music and Band practice.

    History of percussion on Brazilian music, playing technique of percussion instruments, folk, popular and erudite and Practice and issues involving live performance.

    Musical Structure

    – Theory (Pulse Division, musical dictation, Melody &  Harmony)

    – Rhythmic (Solfeggio and touch)

    – Exercises and Dynamics (Perception, Coordination & Independence

    – Creation, Composition Practice Group, Hearing and Presentation)

  • General Goals

    Provide technical resources to the student (practical and theoretical) that are used for execution and interpretation of the popular Brazilian repertoire as an arranger, instrumentalist and/or composer.
    The musical technical development of the student is the main objective of the course, offering guidance from highly skilled professionals, tools and room for study, public presentations where the student will become acquainted with the activity of a musician instrumentalist and also offers the possibility of training for those who are interested in the educational activity.

  • Class Schedule and fees

    Course Schedule: Contact us for more information

    Sessions:10 weekly program – One hour sessions

    Age: 11 and older

    Instructor: Several

    Class Size -Limited to 5 students per class, max of 10

    Fees: $ 350.00 – material included

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