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  • Sax for Beginners

    Prerequisites: You will need to be a person that likes music, and I say, “if you like music, you can play music”. You will need to have your instrument and the desire of being there on time and practice your instrument.

    Course detail:

    We will focus on the technique of the instrument (saxophones soprano, alto, tenor and baritone), build a good foundation, work on your sound, learn about the masters on those instrument in the Brazilian music, develop a repertoire according to the students capacity.

  • Sax for Intermediate

    Prerequisites: basic knowledge of your instrument, It will be require that you play your scales in every key and that you have the capacity of reading music, at least on an intermediate level.

    Course detail:

    We will still focus on the technic of the instrument, exercises with rhythm, focusing on learning how to “swing” in the various different rhythms of Brazilian music, develop a more complex repertoire with more difficult tunes and challenges to push you to a next level.

  • Sax for Advanced

    Prerequisites: probably you are a professional musician, capable of playing your instrument well, or very well, and you are interested in expanding your musical knowledge.

    Course detail:

    Advanced students will not need to be taught about the technique of their instruments, we will approach repertoire, songs that we need to know to be part of any brazilian music scene around the globe, also develop the Brazilian “accent” when we improvise in the various different rhythms of Brazilian music. We will play arrangements from important arrangers and composers, using the material as information an inspiration to improvising, writing and arranging in the style.

    Private class – All Levels

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