With the combination of his experience as a performer, author and teacher, drummer and percussionist Eduardo Guedes is one of the most respected educators in the field of Brazilian Music residing in the United States.

Over the last decade, he has developed a unique teaching method that has enabled countless students of all musical backgrounds and ages to understand Brazilian rhythms analytically and to play it at a high level with the proper Brazilian feel.

Using his critically acclaimed books Brazil for Drum set Vol. 1 ‐ Northeast and Caixa Brasileira as a platform for his classes, he had taught in Brazil, United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland.

Eduardo is the founder of Maracatu Truvão, first Maracatu group of his native state Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. The group just celebrated it’s tenth anniversary.
He also collaborated as a teacher and performer with Brazilian Ensembles such as Manhattan Samba, Samba New York, Maracatu New York and Coco Caçuêra in the US and Maracatu Treffen and Maracatu Stern der Elbe in Germany.

He currently is the Director of the Percussion department of the Brazilian Music Foundation, works as an Activity Specialist for Harlem RBI in New York City and run his drums and percussion center Centro de Bateria e Percussão in his hometown Porto Alegre in Brazil.

Whether your group is composed of complete beginners or professionals, Eduardo has just the right set of skills to take you to the next level of Brazilian percussion proficiency and will be glad to customize the perfect program to fit your musical needs and budget.

Topics for group workshops, master classes, and residencies can include:

Percussion and movement class
Class designed to integrate body, movement, voice and percussion as one form of artistic expression. Students are exposed to basic body percussion and rhythmic games creating different soundscapes by interacting to each other utilizing voice and Brazilian percussion instruments.

Introduction to Brazilian Rhythms and movement for Kids
Children learn about the COCO style of Northeastern Brazil. They are introduced to the basic rhythm, instruments, choreography and singing of the style. In the end of the session they perform a Coco song. This class can be also taken by adults.

Maracatu Master class
Using excerpts from the book Brazil for Drum set Vol.1 ‐ Northeast this master class teaches the basic percussion instruments and patterns of the Maracatu style, how to play in the context of a Maracatu percussion ensemble and how to adapt the percussion patterns to the drum set.

Afoxé Master class
Using excerpts from the book Brazil for Drum set Vol.1 ‐ Northeast this master class teaches the basic percussion instruments and patterns of the Ijexá rhtyhm performed by the Afoxé groups in Bahia, how to play in the context of a Afoxé percussion ensemble and how to adapt the percussion patterns to the drum set.

Caixa Brasileira Master class
In this masterclass, a variety of Brazilian snare patterns are presented to the students. Using excerpts from his book Caixa Brasileira with Joe Ruscitto, Eduardo will explore snare rhythms for Samba, Samba reggae, Baiao, Frevo, Maracatu, Coco, Ciranda and Caboclinho. Different ways of practicing those styles using bass drum and hi‐hat patterns will also be covered.




Eduardo Guedes, drummer, percussionist, art educator, author, publisher recording artist and International clinician is originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

His musical training includes the Certificate program at Drummers Collective in New York City, drum set lessons with Kiko Freitas, Michael Lauren, Duduka da Fonseca, Bobby Sanabria and Dom Famularo, Djembe classes with Michael Wimberley, workshops on Taiko drums with the Kodo group from Japan and Brazilian percussion with Airto Moreira, Naná Vasconcelos and Dudu Tutti. He recently attended the rhythmical alchemy play shop in North Hollywood, CA with Arthur Hull, pioneer of the drum circle facilitation.

As a solo artist he performed at the World Social Forum in his hometown Porto Alegre in 2004 and at The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2012. His recording and performing credits include M’lumbo, Nation Beat, Myla Hardie Family Band, Michael Hardie and Milton Hopkins, Cyro Baptista’s beat the donkey, Frank London and the Klezmer all‐stars, Catarina dos Santos, Annette A. Aguilar, Tonho Crocco and Grecco Buratto.

As a teaching artist he has worked for Creative Action in Austin, TX, Young Audiences of New York, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, the Children’s Academy at Long Island University, Williamsburg Collegiate and Peekskill parks and recreation.

In 2009 he was chosen to participate in the mentorship program of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) collaborating with accomplished composer and percussionist Lukas Ligeti. In 2015 he returned to the program as the mentor of Greek multi‐disciplinary artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulus.

He is the author and publisher of critically acclaimed books Brazil for drum set, Vol.1 – Northeast (Tunesguedes publishing) and Caixa Brasileira with Joe Ruscitto (R&G media). Eduardo is an endorser and member of the educational team of Vic Firth sticks and mallets and Sabian cymbals. He also endorses Evans drumheads, LP percussion and Pure sound snare wires.


“Eduardo proved to be one of the best creative musicians in Brazil. He has a unique style that combines technique and creativity that blends Brazilian music with Jazz and Contemporary styles“.


“Eduardo’s creative drum set adaptations clearly demonstrate how he mastered very complex native rhythms. He is a true representative of a new generation of Brazilian

drummerpercussionists that follow a lineage of masters like Airto Moreira, Naná

Vasconcelos and Dom Um Romão”