SEPT 10, 2022

Saturday @ 6:00 PM




BMF’s 2nd International MPB Festival (Brazilian Popular Music) includes the participation of more than 25 professional musicians from different parts of the world performing a selection of over 20 Brazilian MPB hits from 60’to 80’s.

The idea of the Festival is to promote Brazilian Popular Music around the world and to give an opportunity to musicians to showcase their work.

MPB is a music genre that emerged in Brazil in the mid-1960s, in the city of Rio de Janeiro with the second generation of bossa nova. It is a trend of post-bossa nova urban popular music that revisits typical Brazilian styles such as samba, samba-canção, baião and other Brazilian regional music.


 “The Future of Our Children”


“We believe that music can improve the quality of life of individuals and their families, which promotes a happier and healthier society. We will create musical programs that will enable a child to feel like an asset to their respective community. Playing a musical instrument has many benefits, but most importantly, it can bring joy to you and everyone around you. We hope to promote the presence of Brazilian heritage in a city that is known for its rich cultural diversity.” 


BMF’s 2nd International MPB Festival will be presented online to benefit Instituto dos Trovadores Urbanos,

a non-profit organization founded in 2010 in Perdizes, São Paulo.


About the institution:

The Trovadores Urbanos Institute was created with the mission of organizing the various socio-cultural activities carried out by the group, including establishing music education centers in low-income communities, performing in hospitals, nursing homes, and other venues, and offering free concerts/performances by the Trovadores Urbanos, as well as other professionals representing popular and classical music, giving the entire community access to events, concerts, and shows.

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Instituto Trovadores Urbanos naturally evolved from the initiatives of the singer and founder of the Trovadores Urbanos, Maída Novaes, bringing Brazilian popular music closer to the people of São Paulo and engaging children in Brazilian culture and society.

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The Brazilian Music Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization,

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Doações no Brasil

Instituto dos Trovadores Urbanos

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N. da conta: 06311-1

CNPJ: 16 606 307 0001 70

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Brazilian Music Foundation

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