Pandeiro workshop for beginnersDate: October 10

Time: 3 – 5 PM

Location: DANNY Studios

305 West 38th Street

New York City


Instructor: Mila Schiavo


Pandeiro Workshop for beginners

Price$ 15 (advance)
Door $ 20

Workshop details: The pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine) was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese during the colonial period and was incorporated in the Brazilian music culture. 

Rio de Janeiro based percussionist Mila Schiavo will present a Pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine) workshop that will cover basic techniques exercises and three music styles from Brazil: Choro, samba and baião.

The idea is to provide to percussion beginner student basic pandeiro patterns.

Workshop outline:
3:00 pm Introduction & brief history of Pandeiro
3:10 pm Stretching, holding the Pandeiro (warm up exercises)
3:20 pm Explanation on basic sounds and exercises
4:00 pm 10 minute break
4:10 pm Brief history of Brazilian music & rhythms
4:15 pm Choro (basic pattern)
4:35 pm Samba (basic pattern)
4:50 pm Q + A

OBS: Students will need to bring their instruments

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