Introduction to Brazilian Percussion for Kids

 Age: 6 and older


  • Course Details
    • Introduction to Brazilian culture and music through the many percussion instruments found in the country such as: Shakers, Pandeiro, Agô-go, tamborim and triangle

    • Introduction to percussion main techniques & patterns for playing the instruments on a basic level

    • Practicing beginner patterns on each instrument (rotating the students)

    • Introduction to the different types of Brazilian Rhythms: Samba, Baiao, Maracatu, etc…

    • Demonstration of each pattern on every instrument

    • Body percussion

    • Final: Class performance of samba patterns

    • Suggestion: Each student should bring a shaker made at home:

    • A shaker can be made with potatoes chips containers or sodas, put rice inside and seal with black tape or scotch tape.

    • The student that are able to play the song until the end will win a prize (like a real shaker or some other percussion instrument.

  • Children’s Policy

    • Students age 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult who can reinforce concepts and guided practice at home.
    • We strongly encourage adult supervision for students ages over 6 as well.


Testimonial: Bernard Boys School: “Thank you very much for the presentation! The boys had a fantastic time and was really nice and instructive” Carolina Martinez

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It is proved that music is very beneficial for kids learning process.

It helps develop children’s listening skills, self-esteem and math skills! 

Music also relieves stress!