Learning Portuguese Workshop short

Time: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Cost: $ 20

244 Rehearsal Studios

244 West 54th Street

10th floor, Manhattan, NY

Instructor: Luiz Simas

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Workshop details:

A two-hour workshop where participants will learn the rudiments of Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation, as well as how to sing up to 10 Brazilian songs. This workshop is open to people of all age groups, and knowledge of Portuguese is not necessary.

Luiz will start by teaching the basics of Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation, with emphasis on the pronunciation of vowels and the irregular pronunciation of some of the consonants. He will then play and sing a simple well-known Brazilian song at the keyboard and will explain in detail how to pronounce the words and sing the melody lines. He will also give both the literal and general meaning of the song’s lyrics. Participants will be encouraged to sing along. He will proceed by playing and singing other songs as time allows.

150x167About Luiz Simas – Pianist & Composer

Luiz Simas is a singer/pianist/composer from Rio de Janeiro. He has performed and recorded with many of the top Brazilian artists. Many of his songs have been recorded in Brazil and in the US. He also composed several soundtracks for TV. Luiz Simas is also a certified Portuguese/English language interpreter who works for the New York State Court System and the Justice Department Immigration Courts. His knowledge of the Portuguese and English languages plus his skill as a teacher and communicator will serve as a great complement to his musical abilities and truly make this workshop an enjoyable and enriching experience for everyone concerned.

Song list below , please print and bring to the workshop.

We will be adding the list of songs shortly!