Photo: Our eternal Diva “Elis Regina”


Learn how to sing, improve your vocal technique and enhance your skills!

If you’ve always wanted to sing and you have a passion for Brazilian music,

this class is for you!

  • Class Detail

    Vocal Class description:

    Brazilian music from “Aquarela do Brasil” to “The Girl from Ipanema”, and right up to today’s contemporary pop styles has influenced and inspired vocalists and instrumentalists around the globe for decades. We’ll learn classic songs from the worlds of samba, bossa nova, chorinho, baião and more in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Vocal Goals

    Learning to sing any style of music requires a foundation in healthy vocal technique. In this BMFSOM vocal class, we will touch on the basics of healthy sound production with simple, body-based exercises before moving into the repertoire portion of each week’s class.

  • The final touch

    In addition to learning the melodies, we’ll develop the rhythmic awareness that will enable you to sing these songs with an authentic Brazilian feel. For non-speakers of Portuguese, we’ll work on correct Portuguese pronunciation.

  • Class Schedule and fees

    Course detail:  Beginners

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    Sessions: 4 weekly program – One hour sessions
    Age: 11 and older
    Class Size – Minimum of 3 students per class

    Instructor: Susan Pereira
    Fees: $ 180.00 – material included

    Class Location : Manhattan




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